Mindi and Her Kissing Step-Cousin

You get a chance to visit your super hot step-cousin Mindi Mink at her house. It’s been a while since the two of you have caught up. It’s killing you being around her knowing that you can’t have her. She knows that she torments you every time that you’re around. 


After you go swimming, you go inside and she just gets naked right in front of you. You feel yourself struggling to maintain control. To make it worse, she starts talking about her sex life. She knows you haven’t gotten any pussy in a couple of weeks and she just digs right in telling you all about her new anal beads and her new vibrator and how she loves to cum on them. 


The two of you go into the room to start getting ready and Mindi is showing you all of her new toys, telling you about how she uses them, bending over in front of you exposing her tight pussy lips. She puts on her new pink bikini and starts telling you how she gets fucked in them. This is unbearable. Who would of thought your hot step-cousin was so fucking naughty. 


While you’re helping Mindi put her necklace on, you can’t take it anymore and lose control, trying to push her over, grinding her ass against your raging hard boner. Lucky you! She’s totally into it! This is perfect! She wants you to treat her like the dirty little slut that she is. Slap her! Pin her down! Fuck her harder and harder! She’s begging for it now. 


Grab her by the neck while she’s riding your cock doggy style. Don’t stop, you’re making her cum now. The harder you fuck her, the more you control her body, grab her by the neck, pull her hair, the more she loves it and the wetter she gets. Your dirty step-cousin is up for absolutely anything you want. She starts by going down on you, taking your throbbing cock in her mouth, sliding it in and out of her throat getting you closer to unloading down her throat. She doesn’t stop until she gets every drop out of your cock.


Hurry up and go now before everyone finds out what you two have been up to!