Medieval Step Mom Part Two Of Three

This is a continuation of Medieval Step Mom Part 1 Of 3

After having sex with her own son, The Queen confesses to the priest about how wrong it was.  She knew it was wrong, but if felt so wonderful and allowed him to please her sexual desires.  She asks for forgiveness and help.... she is so ashamed. 

Her Evil Twin Sister is talking with her son and laughing about how pleased she is finding out that her goody two shoes sister gave into her own son.  She has concocted a magical potion that she will say is a new tropical punch and will serve it to her at dinner.  This potion will make her sister weak and evil just like her and she will continue to have taboo thoughts and desires she can not control about her own son.  She has always hated her sister and knows that she finally will be able to convert her sister to be evil just like her! All of this talk has made her very horny and desires to have sex with her son to celebrate.  After having dinner with her sister and nephew, she and her own son are in her bedroom enjoying how perfectly the plan has been set in motion.  She has never needed any potion to have these naughty taboo thoughts, and starts to seduce her son with her wicked ways.  She talks dirty to him, and plays with herself and demands her son to get on the bed and start servicing her by licking her ass and pussy. She grinds her pussy and ass in his face until she cums in his mouth.  She wants to please her son. She takes his big cock in her mouth and gives him a sloppy blowjob. She tells him at the stroke of midnight, they will fuck... but now, she wants his cum in her mouth. He explodes in her mouth and she loves every drop. Her evil plan is working perfectly...