Krissy Entrusts Her Therapist Mindi

Krissy visits her therapist Mindi and reveals that her boyfriend has a foot fetish, Krissy is a little confused about what to do because shes never tried anything like that. She thinks its a little strange... Mindis suggestion is for Krissy to close her eyes and let her therapist touch her feet in a gentle, slow way. Krissy admits that she likes it. Mindi suggests a light hypnosis to relieve Krissy of all her reservations about having her feet touched in a sexual manner. Mindi begins a slow massage of her leg and foot then proceeds to lightly kiss her foot, all the while reassuring Krissy that its ok to enjoy what she is feeling. Mindi begins to massage Krissys other leg and foot. Krissy starts to breathe a little heavier while moaning with pleasure. Mindi has Krissy sit up and begins touching her lightly on her face and stroking her hair, all the while reassuring Krissy that what she is feeling is good and it should be enjoyed. Mindi starts to kiss Krissy very slowly and it soon turns into passionate kissing. Mindi takes Krissys hand and puts it on her leg and begins stroking it... Krissy starts to lightly kiss Mindis legs and feet. Krissy is very aroused. Krissy starts to increase her kissing of Mindis feet and is completely turned on by what she is doing. They are soon are removing their clothes, only to discover that they are both wearing pantyhose... they kiss passionately and rub each others nipples together. They suck each others breasts slowly. Its very erotic. They lay back on the couch and suck each others feet simultaneously, while rubbing their pussies against each others legs. Mindi tears a hole in Krissys pantyhose and sucks on her bare toes. They once again kiss passionately then Krissy reveals that the whole story was made up to seduce her therapist... Mindi tells Krissy that she is devious but is extremely turned on by the whole ploy.