Do Not Pee In My Cereal

Aunt Mindi enters the kitchen upset about the noise her nephews are making. She has shrunk her nephews and their friends and now has them in a glass jar on the counter. She warns them to keep it down or she will get real mean. She announces that she is going to have some cereal for breakfast. As she pours the cereal in to a bowl, she tells them she is going to add them to her cereal and she is going to eat them all. She ponders who she is going to eat first and decides to eat one of their friends so they can sweat knowing their time is soon after that. She also notices they have peed in the jar she has them in... she is not happy! She dumps them all in to her cereal. She warns them to not pee in her cereal. But Mindi is so mad that even if they do pee, it is not going to stop her devouring her nephews and their friends. She taunts and intimidates them... she scoops up one of them in her spoon and slowly puts the spoon in her mouth and begins to chew. She takes another shrunken friend on to her spoon with the cereal and eats him up. Although they plead for her to not eat them, she eventually gets to her nephews and devours them all at once... together. She is stuffed after her big meal.