India Summer And Mindi Mink Part Three

Part 3 is continued with they sexy ladies getting down to the good stuff. With lots of sensual kissing between the ladies....and getting each other undressed first.  Mindi uses a tassel to caress Indias body and also her long locks of beautiful hair.  India enjoys each and every moment with being teased, and touched.  The perfect build up before Mindi climbs up on India and rubs her bare breasts on her back, and grinding her ass on her. A new banana is peeled and used on Indias beautiful pussy, she is in ecstasy with this new amazing feeling.  She can not take the tease anymore so Mindi goes down slowly at first and licks her to orgasm while fingering her too.  Then she inserts the tip of the banana into her wet warm pussy and India rubs her clit as she is getting fucked and cums again. 

India takes control next, lying Mindi down and exploring her body, kissing her all over and sucking on her nipples.  She moves down to her feet and starts the tease with licking her feet and sucking on her toes which drives Mindi crazy.  India savors Mindis sweet pussy juices for awhile building her up until Mindi starts shaking and has a big orgasm.  India takes the banana and spits all over her pussy flickering her tongue on her clit and rubs the banana up and down her pussy lips. She finishes her off with her fingers at the same time rubbing her clit and the banana is inside of her giving her another big orgasm! They passionately kiss each other and then India decides to clean up all the banana out of Mindis pussy.